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Why do I need a waterproof mattress protector?

Without a waterproof mattress protector that mattress that was crisp and clean when you first bought it will slowly change colour, it will start as just a slight tinge of discolouring which over time becomes darker and spreads further until eventually the entire upper surface of your mattress has taken on a blotchy brown colour. This is caused by the perspiration that we produce as we sleep, well it’s actually the salt in our perspiration that makes it turn brown. We all do it to some extent, some more than others, but without suitable protection over time your mattress will change colour. You could use a non waterproof protector, but this just delaying the process, eventually perspiration will get through.

It’s not just about discoloration either. The constant supply of moist perspiration allows bacteria, mould and fungus to grow. This in time starts to break down the fabric of your mattress effectively slowly rotting it from underneath you as you sleep. Eventually the decaying mattress begins to smell. I’m sure that nobody really wants to sleep on a smelly unhygienic mattress particularly when it is so easy to avoid this happening.

The other issue with an unprotected mattress is dust mites, these microscopic creatures live wherever dust accumulates. A large proportion of household dust is made up of the tiny particles of skin that we shed as we go about our business, and wherever these particles are able to accumulate undisturbed is where you will find dust mites.

A mattress that is unprotected will soon become home to an ever expanding colony of dust mites as it is the ideal micro climate for them. As we move about in bed at night those tiny particles of skin fall from our bodies and pass through our sheets to the mattress below. our movement pushes them deeper into the mattress where eventually come to a rest a few centimetres down. The same thing happens to the moisture from our perspiration, it soaks through the sheet and into the mattress below. Over time the skin particles become damp and begin to decay. Dust mites feed on these decaying skin particles and live, breed and die just a few centimetres below you as you sleep. not a pleasant thought, but one that is easily avoided.

These colonies of dust mites can start from just a handful of mites, but they breed astonishingly quickly with numbers growing dramatically. An unprotected mattress can contain several hundred thousand mites in just a matter of months. They will also colonise your pillow too, it is said that up to 20% of the weight of a 3 year old unprotected pillow is made up of dust mites both live and dead.

This all sounds quite unpleasant but other than that can these mites actually cause us any harm? Well the answer is yes. A growing number of people are allergic to dust mites, well more specifically they are allergic to the dust mites waste products. As we move about in bed and toss and turn and plump our pillows we are causing the waste product to puff out, often right into our faces where we breathe them in. To those with a dust mite allergy or intolerance this can cause a range of symptoms ranging from red itchy eyes and a runny nose to coughs, sneezes and lung related respiration issues. It is also known that contact with dust mites can be the cause of asthma and eczema in children.

All of the issues and problems mentioned above can be quickly and easily resolved by using a waterproof mattress protector and pillow protector. The waterproof membrane stops skin particles and moisture from passing through into your mattress or pillow and also stops the dust mites waste products from reaching you. By stopping the source of the dust mites food supply they will soon die off. But you do need to choose the right type of waterproof mattress protector, some will just exchange one problem for another. Read the following to help you to choose.

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